6 Habits to Develop to Powerfully Change your Mindset


We all have bad habits in life whether it’s eating out too much (guilty!) or people-pleasing to the point of emotional exhaustion.


Our habits and belief systems are created in our earlier years from watching our parents react to different circumstances in life be them good, or bad. As we grow into adults some of the more negative habits of beliefs taught to us can create blocks in our daily lives.

Creating new belief systems can sound scary and challenging but fear not! By taking slow and measured steps you can start to develop better habits that will help you to work through those emotional blocks and form new beliefs for yourself. All it requires is a bit more Joie de Vivre!


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Gossiping negatively about others is a very quick way to drain our energy. According to psychologist Colin Gill, gossiping can boost our positive hormones and raise our serotonin levels, this is why it can become so addictive. Often if someone is gossiping negatively about another that’s a red flag the person is having problems with their self-esteem; they get a temporary reprieve from their own negative feelings when they gossip about another.

It’s important to be mindful of the conversations you are having with others. We all want to be that supportive buddy that offers great advice to a friend in need; however if you find someone in your life is still stuck in the same cycle, despite having given them positive suggestions it may be time to create some boundaries with that person so they aren’t draining your energy.


For us stubborn types (right here!) it can be hard when we encounter a problem to accept and let it go. If there is one thing I have grown to understand in my life its that trying to control any circumstance only leads to more resistance. The truth is life has contrast, and without contrast, things would probably be quite boring! This is where our belief systems come and play hardball. If you are holding onto beliefs of not being enough, or that money is hard to come by you need to start deep diving into where that stems from as it could be blocking your ability to flow and take action in life.

If you find yourself negatively stewing on something small, try to get into the habit of catching yourself when you are getting on the negative nelly train. Decide in the moment when something is bothering you what would feel better and more peaceful, to continue stewing, or replacing those thoughts with something more positive.

**Be mindful of the toxic positivity trend that is currently present. If you are experiencing a huge life change, or there are a lot of painful emotions coming up for you this is not an invitation to pretend to be happy. With painful emotions, my approach is better out than in, allow yourself to feel those emotions, and release them when you are ready.

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This one can be challenging, especially for the personality types who are a bit more spontaneous in their approach to life. I always believed I had a structure to my life until I recognized myself skipping meals and running around busy like a chicken with its head cut off.

It’s important, to be honest with yourself and only take on what you can handle. Something that has been working for me lately, is to pick three realistic tasks I want to get accomplished during the day be it writing a blog post, getting my groceries for the week, or exercising. The focus should be on getting those three things done whilst finding a bit of enjoyable downtime throughout your day so you don’t crash.

Which leads me to my next point…


All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. A new belief I am learning to incorporate in my life is finding balance in any given situation. If all you are doing is working, and not finding any happy moments in your day-to-day, life is going to start to feel pretty heavy. The idea is to get in your body and be in the present moment. If you’re at work and feeling a bit blah, listen to some music, or when you get home do something nice for yourself such as having a luxurious bath or watching your favourite movie. Believe me when I say your body is going to send you signals when you are feeling overextended and need a break!


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There have been multiple studies that have proven that having a gratitude practice leads to greater happiness in life. In an experiment implemented by Robert Emmons, a leading expert in the study of gratitude, he found people who used gratitude journals on a weekly basis showed a more optimistic attitude towards their present moment. They also showed to have less negative physical symptoms and a better sense of well-being.

You don’t need to be a spiritual person to follow this practice. Everyone’s approach to gratitude is different, you might spend time in the morning, or evening taking some quiet time to think of some things you are grateful for. Others like a journal approach, especially if it serves as a reminder to be consistent in your efforts, it can become a positive daily ritual.


This habit is more spiritual in essence; the content we are taking in can have a huge effect on our mood. Have you ever logged on to Facebook, or watched the News, only to feel anxious and agitated? It’s important to listen to the cues your body is sending you. If you are filling your day listening to content that is negative or fear-based in its approach this is not going to assist you in staying in a joyful state.

If you are trying to develop your career, self-growth, or creativity its important to spend time reading, and watching content that inspires you. Although there are always going to be negative things happening in the world, try to focus on reading and watching material on people who are creating positive change rather than negative in the world. “Energy flows where attention goes” said Tony Robbins, “When you learn to focus your attention on the things you want in life, rather then what you don’t want amazing things to happen”.


These are all habits I have been working to establish in my own life and I really hope they help you to create a more balanced approach to your life.