You may be wondering who is behind The Littlest Fry, so allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Gillian Fryer and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Above are just a few things about me, other than that I like to travel as well as learn new hobbies, weaving being a current favourite of mine.

so why the littlest fry you may ask..

Besides wanting to share my love of colour and being excited about all the little things in life..
I started to realize what amazing talent there was all around me and I wanted to create another outlet to have my own, and other peoples work shown to a larger audience of people.

Who are these artists? Where did they get the inspiration to create these pieces? I want to share their stories with you so it can spark your own creativity.

The Littlest Fry is all about imagination and craftsmanship in a fun and colourful way. It is about celebrating the artists that make the products, but also about loving your own unique style and personality.

For more about the littlest fry be sure to check me out on Pinterest and Instagram.