You may be wondering who is behind The Littlest Fry, so allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Gillian Fryer and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Above are just a few things about me, other than that I like to travel as well as learn new hobbies, weaving being a current favourite of mine.

so why the littlest fry you may ask..

Besides wanting to share my love of colour and being excited about all the little things in life..
I started to realize what amazing talent there was all around me and I wanted to create another outlet to have my own, and other peoples work shown to a larger audience of people.

You know that feeling you get when you pick up an object that sparks a special memory, or brings you an overwhelming feeling of joy? We find unique objects made by artisans from around the world that will become a keepsake for you for years to come.
We believe in a well made products, that are long lasting and eventually become a treasured item for years to come. By supporting hand-made artistans & investing in products that are good quality, more economic, and bring an individual joy for years to come we are reducing waste and making the planet a better place.
Quality over Quantity.

The Littlest Fry is all about imagination and craftsmanship in a fun and colourful way. It is about celebrating the artists that make the products.

For more about The Littlest Fry be sure to check me out on Pinterest and Instagram.