DIY Modern Circle Wreath

I will be the first to admit I love making wreaths at Christmas, hence the reason I decided to create this Modern Circle Wreath DIY.  You can have so much fun with the whole process, we broke out my Candy Cane Joe Joe’s which I’ve coined “Joy Joy’s” .We put on a great Spotify Holiday playlist and got right to it.


Making wreaths is an easy process; however I will say if you are going to make one, have a nice large space you can easily clean up. Most people don’t have studio spaces to work in, so find a space in your home you can easily sweep up, such as your living room floor 😉


Foliage of your choice

Metal Circles I used 15”


Shears for cutting

Wire, or twine for wrapping (wire is a bit easier to use)

How to:

  • First your going to want to look at your foliage collection, and cut a mixture of shorter and longer pieces, especially your greens because you will be doing some layering. Its good to have a few larger greens to begin.


  • Start by using a large piece of greenery, you will want to wait to start layering in florals or detailing until you have a base to work with. You will take your first piece and lay it against the wire circle, then you will take your wire or twine and wrap/tie it around the base end. Your piece might seem floppy at first but remember you will be adding more so it doesn’t need to be secure on both ends yet.


  • You will continue to layer your greens, or foliage around the wire circle until you find a look you like. I suggest buying one thinner, and one larger green wire. When it comes to layering in some of your detailing it will be less noticeable if you use the thinner wire. The larger is good for your base foliage.


  • Lastly you will want to tie a knot around the centre so that you can hang it, this is where your twine, or ribbon comes in. I usually make a loop and place it under the top of the circle then take the opposite ends and pull it through that loop to tighten it.



Happy Wreath Making!