February Favourites


Welcome to my round-up of some of my favourite things for this month! Scroll on down my friends!

Alright, one of my obsessions as of late has been brown marble stone, this particular table I found through Haze Maison. It has a very 70’s feel to it!

I’ve been following Bonnie Gray’s work for some time now, I absolutely love the different themes she works with, this particular series she’s created is called “Archeologist”.

Candlesticks are apparently the new rage again lately! They are in fact making a comeback, as they should don’t they look so beautiful? Especially grouped together. So naturally we are seeing some fabulous candle holders now such as these from The Ordinary Gifts.


PS have you checked out our modern candles?

Did you know there is a whole slew of amazing tile designs outside of your friendly neighbourhood Home Depot? These ones are from Concrete Collective, don’t get me started on their Terrazzo designs….love.

This next one is a bit of a shameless plug, i’ll admit it. But these blankets started off as one of my favourite things and I finally got around to ordering them for our shop. You will be able to see this black puzzle throw blanket up in our shop soon as well as a few others from Eco-friendly biz Happy Habitat.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve shared about this absolutely adorable, and empowering small business The Bee and the Fox . They make T-Shirts for everyone including children and babies. They are definitely worth a look.

This particular piece of jewelry is on my wish list, or as I like to refer to as “Something Im currently manifesting into my life” hehe. This business, Local Eclectic makes all sorts of affordable and fine jewelry.

As some of you may, or may not know I am quite adept in Astrology, I spent much of my 20’s learning about it and reading birth charts for those around me. During this last year I’ve had some extra time and one of my friends told me about Human Design. OMG it has been such a game changer guys let me tell you…


If you’re not into Astrology you might actually like Human Design. When I found out my type, which by the ways a Manifestor for anyone else reading this who knows, or is into Human Design. It has opened my eyes to certain aspects of my life, my energy and how I go about working and operating in life in the most optimal way.


Check it out if you are intrigued, there’s also lots of amazing Human Design accounts to follow over on IG to learn more.


Happy February!