Holiday Gift Guide: The Comfort Lover


Today’s Holiday Gift Guide was one I was excited to share with you all because I consider my self to be a queen of everything comfy and cozy (I have a Taurus Moon placement in my birth chart, makes sense!).


So here is my selection of gifts you could give to your comfort loving friend or family member this holiday season!

Honey Tobacco Body Butter $42

I have bought this previously for myself and have gifted it to others receiving very good feedback. It smells fantastic, especially if you put it on after a nice bath or warm shower!

Bath Bars (Pack of 4) $26

A lover of this brand since its inception! I am not a huge fan of overly floral or potent smells and I found these bath bars (or bombs) to be a soothing alternative to others on the market (the calming bar is my personal favourite).

Moon Phase Cotton Throw Blanket $118

I pretty much live under blankets when Im at home; Im surprised I never got on the Snuggie train when it was a thing. But being the design lover that I am I like my blankets to have a bit of uniqueness to them, whether thats colour, texture or design.

Saddie Faux Fur Slippers $48

Cold feet is a real problem in society today. I am the worst at wearing socks around the house so I always find my feet feel like icicles. I love these slippers because they come in really fun colours but they also look like they would keep your feet nice and insulated!

Common Ground Crewneck Sweatshirt $150

I am a big fan of this business, they design and produce their own products in LA. I own more sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts than I care to admit! And let’s be honest, tie dye is hip right now!

Handmade Velvet and Silk Scrunchies $50-60

I am currently sporting a short hair so I can’t exactly put my hair up; however when I did have long hair one of the things I hated most was tight elastics, they gave me tension headaches. My inner 90’s child is happy to see scrunchies trending again!


Why buy these scrunchies? They are handmade and natural dyes were created and used to make many of these beautiful colours you see. Sending some love back to the planet.

Mists from Homecoming $24

If you live in Vancouver you might already know Homecoming for their popular candles (which btw are also wonderful). I personally LOVE the mists though. There’s nothing better than waking up at the beginning of the day and spraying one of these mists. SO good. I have a couple of them now; my personal favourites are Juniper White Current and Grapefruit Mint!

Handmade Bamboo Adjustable Bath Cady $82

Alright so this is something I have “favourited” for a long time but have yet to purchase. This is perfect for someone who intends on having the full luxurious experience in the bath! I would likely replace the tablet with a book and leave all electronics away from the water but that’s just me! But bringing a little snack, a good candle and a glass of wine, that sounds wonderful! Don’t forget the bubble bath!

Ridge Mug from Dahlhaus $46

We used to carry Dahlhaus mugs in our shop when we were first starting out, Heather creates some of my favourite ceramics in Vancouver. They are clean and simplistic. Also, every comfort lover needs a good mug for their tea or coffee!


Thats it, thats all!


Stay tuned for my next Holiday Gift Guide for your Foodie Friends!