Holiday Gift Guide: The Foodie


In today’s Gift Guide there is a variety of foodie related products to choose from; many of which are some of my favourite things!

Rudolphs Nose from Beta 5

This is one of my favourite chocolatier’s in Vancouver; pretty much anything you purchase from Beta 5 is bound to be delicious. Their Polygon bars are ever changing as they frequently add new additions and collaborate with other Vancouver businesses. These Rudolph noses only come out around Christmas!


Dark Chocolate, Tropical Fruit Caramel, Coconut Meltaway and and Coconut Caramelized Pralines.

Organic Cotton Linen Napkins

These napkins are made from organic cotton linen and hand dyed. They are reusable and made in Canada.

Porcelain Spice Grinder

Fresh ground spices are the best spices in my opinion. If you have the right device it’s easier than you think to buy whole spices and grind them yourself.

Splatter Bowl

The great thing about enamel kitchen accessories is they look great in your kitchen but you can also take them off-road camping (or dare I say glamping).

Glass French Press in Amber

I have been low-key stalking this brand YIELD and particularly these glass french presses for a long time. This french press is made with a more resistant glass which makes it more durable.

Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

I like how compact this particular cheese board is, it comes in 4 tiers and you can make it as small or large as you want.

Key Lime & Mint Cordial

This is one of my favourite local Vancouver brands that make an assortment of cordials, which is essentially a flavoured syrup .I often mix them with various unsweetened soda’s, yum!

Peru Cookbook

This company, Phaidon make a variety of cookbooks that feature cuisine from different countries. This is a cookbook that has been on my list of books to buy.


That’s it, that’s all!


I hope you enjoyed this year’s Holiday Gift Guides!