Inexpensive ways to Jazz up your Home when Renting


Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start off this new year with some design related posts, and I think this is one many of us can relate to. We are also working on building in a comment box so I can start engaging with some of you!


Do you rent your apartment, or home and spend a lot of time looking at inspired interior design created by your favorite bloggers wishing you could do that in your own space? Me too!


I understand how hard it can be especially if you are living in a city where housing is $$$.


Although you may not be able to do a full renovation with fixtures, and flooring in your rental space, you can buy accessories, or find ways to make it your own.


Here are a couple of my favourite ways to jazz up a rental:


Install some layered shelving


Often times, when you’re renting you may be a little skeptical of making a bunch of holes in the wall but most landlords won’t mind you installing shelves, or hanging art as long as you properly fill and re-paint before you leave.


DIY Mid Century Wall Unit 


Buy a large area rug to cover -not so optimal- floors


We all know when you’re renting you may not get too much of a choice on the type of flooring that comes with the rental whether its tile or stained wood. A large area rug not only brings your space together but might cover up any floor issues that bother you. I have an area rug in my living room, and in my dining room and it helps to separate the two spaces as their own.


A few good websites for buying more affordable rugs (USA/Canada friendly):

Rugs USA / Wayfair


And we know how popular those Moroccan rugs are right now, best price I’ve seen on the web for them is through Canadian owned:



Some hardware is allowed (ask first)


As long as your willing to pay for it, some landlords won’t mind if you install your own lighting, or put in new toilet paper, or towel rods. Just keep in mind, depending on the negotiation you make with your landlord you might have to re-install the old fixtures before you move out.


Add some colour!


Paint is a cheap way to really make a space your own. Everyone’s space is a little different but if you don’t have much bright light in your space its always good to stick to a nice light neutral to make your space feel brighter.


Add curtains


Alright, let’s be honest, rental suites don’t always have the best reputation for having great windows, or blinds. One way to enhance your windows without blocking out necessary light is to add some curtains. You can find pretty inexpensive designs anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Wayfair, or you could be really crafty and make your own


Happy Designing!




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