January Horoscopes

When reading your Horoscope its always advised to read for your Sun (general identity), Moon (your emotional nature) and your Rising placement (direction in life). Often times people find their Rising placement corresponds more closely with what they may be experiencing at that moment in time.


To find out what your Rising (Ascendent) placement is, you will need to know your time of birth (hour).


Aries Sun, Moon & Rising

You may notice at the beginning of January you feel quite anxious as Mars is about to leave your sign and move into the sign of Taurus which will give you the opportunity to catch your breath. Those with Aries placements have been going through transformations in regards to their ego & identity. Where do you stand in the world, and in your relationships with others? For Aries Risings, this will be in your 11th house so you might form new friendships; some of which may be formed through technology (social media, the internet). You also might find success in being more present on social media; especially fo those who have a social media presence. Sharing your true authentic self is highlighted as being very favourable too so don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly, its actually being encouraged.


You are being encouraged to open up to vulnerability this month and to share how you are truly feeling. With Venus squaring your sign, you may not be feeling as supported by those around you. As Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius with Mercury and the Moon mid month, being more open with others and asking for the support you need will work very favourably for you. This month is all about you being more vulnerable and to ask for what your needs are.


Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising

Lots going on for you guys in the month of January. This is the month where you will have the determination to propel yourselves forward with Mars in close aspect to Uranus in your sign. The decisions you make now Taurus will set you up for the future so make sure you are organizing your thoughts on what you desire to manifest. 2021 will be a year of surprises, and you will be building new relationships and opportunities for yourself. For those specifically with Taurus Rising, your 10th house is going to take centre stage during Aquarius season. This energy might feel a bit like a pressure cooker so you are being encouraged to push through any resistance that may come up. With Mars in your sign this is quite favourable for you because “slow and steady wins the race” is your motto, the previous Mars in Aries energy likely made you feel like your energy with being dispersed everywhere. You guys will experience some surprises and bumps this month but just focus on your direction, and hold your balance with whatever obstacles may arise. With so many signs in Aquarius squaring your sign Taurus, this next few years overall is going to see you truly surrendering the fixed energy you hold and allowing yourself to go more with the flow.


Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising

With the North Node currently in the sign of Gemini, those around you are subconsciously going to be looking for your direction and leadership during the year of 2021. Overall January should feel like a pretty balanced month for Gemini’s. You are being encouraged to speak your authentic truth and share your gifts with the world with Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon in Aquarius mid-month. You and Aquarius are leading the charge energetically this year, and with both signs being in the element of Air this energy should be harmonious for you. For Gem Risings all of this Aquarius energy will be falling in your 9th house you guys might be learning new skills this month or feeling the travel bug strong. You will feel your most free once the Sun moves from Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius, then you are off to the races. Until then you may still be working through some insecurities about your voice, self image or skills at the beginning of the month.


Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising

With Chiron still squaring your sign, you are continuing to work on and heal any skeletons that are still in your closet. Are there still old beliefs you have acquired or picked up from others that are still holding you back from your happiness? The Universe is really going to be pushing your buttons to transform your life in the direction you most want *from a soul level, not ego* especially for those with Cancer Rising. It may feel a bit like a pressure cooker, the Universe really wants you to make some clear cut decisions and trying to push those decisions under the rug won’t work. With Mars & Uranus trining your sign, this is a really good time for you to start making some adjustments in your life to set you up for that happiness we were talking about but it will require you to step outside your crab shell (comfort zone). What your “ego” wants vs what your heart wants are still going to be fighting against each other at the beginning of the month but the clarity should come through especially if you are listening to your intuition and what it’s telling you. Truly the question for Cancer’s this month is what decisions will bring you the most long term happiness, what steps can you take towards those decisions now?


Leo Sun, Moon and Rising

There is likely to be a lot going on this month for Leos as many of the planets will be moving through your opposing sign of Aquarius in the month of January. For those with Leo Rising this will be falling in your 7th house which means your closest relationships will take centre stage. With Jupiter and Mercury there some of you might find you give or get some news you weren’t expecting, this may require you to make some adjustments in your life as big changes are afoot in 2021 but they are likely to lead to something positive. You might be feeling more in your head than you normally are with all the Aquarian energy. Don’t forget your sign rules the heart, tap into your own inner knowing when you are feeling unsure this month and encourage others to do the same.


Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising

Relationships might still feel a bit elusive or you are still waiting for some answers to arise for you but with Mars and Uranus in your fellow elemental sign of Taurus you will be focusing on creating the stability in your own life and the answers you are looking for will come when you least expect them. It’s likely you will be very focused on your health and wellness this month with so many Aquarian placements in your 6th house (especially Virgo Risings). While Venus is in Capricorn in the month of January you guys are looking for partnerships (be it platonic, business or romantic) that will go the long haul, you are tired of casual or flakey relationships and are focused on long-term. Be discerning with the offers people bring to you, are they suitable to your wants and needs or just the other persons? Balance is key.


Libra Sun, Moon and Rising

Libra’s, especially those with a Libra Rising are still healing some old hurts and pains from previous relationships or this has been a theme while Chiron has been sitting in the sign of Aries. It’s likely while Mars had also been in the sign of Aries, there was no where to hide from these ghosts of Christmas past. The Universe was placing this on your path for you to allow those emotions to surface so they could be released and create a new start for you in 2021. With so many planets moving, and situated in your fellow Air Sign pals, Aquarius and Gemini January should give you a boost of energy to start focusing on creating new goals for the future. Also all this Aquarian energy will be falling in the the 5th house for Libra risings so you are being encouraged to let loose have have more fun. Some of you may be connecting more with siblings this month too. Pluto in Capricorn is going dismantle whatever in your life is not working so you can focus on your happiness. Once the Sun moves into Aquarius mid-late January it should be more smooth sailing for you.


Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising

With Mars soon joining Uranus in Taurus this month, you guys are going to start to feel the desire to start working towards some permeability in your life which may have been challenging for you to ground while Mars was in Aries. Whichever house Aquarius rules in your chart will speak to the bigger transformations happening in your life this year. For many Scorpios you will likely be thinking much more about your home life and family this month. You could be making some changes in your home or reaching out more to loved ones. You may receive communication when it comes to your work, for some it could be from abroad but be sure to use your discernment and ask the important questions to make sure you have the clarity you need.


Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising

With the South Node being in your sign, a lot of you are being encourged to be less dogmatic in your views. With the North Node being in your opposing sign Gemini, you will find things work out more favourably if you focus on openness and changeability this year. With so many planets being in the sign of Aquarius this month which trines your sign you may find a lot of opportunity and expansion comes in with the house Aquarius rules in your chart. I feel the need to remind you though, with Neptune still in Pisces squaring your sign, there might be some cloudiness in regards to whom you should invest your time in vs who not. You may find yourself communicating your ideas much more than normal this month with your 3rd house of Aquarius being activated; most of the communication that takes place for you this month will likely be through technology (internet, emails, social media, facetime etc).There could also be some internal changes happening in your life with Pluto in Capricorn in your 2nd house which rules your finances and sense of worthiness. Because Neptune is connected to your intuition, use the intuition rather than your logic to discern who feels right for you and who doesn’t.


Capricorn Sun, Moon and Rising

Oh boy, you guys had a lot of action jackson happening lately! Saturn and Jupiter have moved out of your sign and into the sign of Aquarius, many of you likely feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. For those who just completed their Saturn Return, you will now feel opportunities will begin to develop in 2021 after a long period of hard work and what felt like resistance for a long time. This month might feel more like a month of recovery especially with so many planets falling in your 2nd house for my Capricorn Risings. The focus will be on Self-Care and Self-Love this month. Time for you to relax and have some fun, you’ve already done more than enough work, the next step will come. Break time.


Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising

Hey Superstars! It’s that time you have finally been waiting for to shine. This month many planets will be permanently and temporarily transiting your sign. In many ways you are leading a new Spiritual Revolution taking place on this planet. Many people on this planet are going to be learning what it means to tap into Aquarian energy and they will be looking to those who think outside the box for support (i.e. you!). Mars and Uranus will be squaring your sign, as much as you might be feeling the impatience bug, this is actually a positive grounding energy. This Taurus energy is essential to make sure the new ideas you on a personal level, and the collective is trying to establish get created and integrated in the right manor. Your ability to create abundance and stability is going to grow throughout as a result of your persistence and perseverance.


Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising

It’s like there’s a party next door (Aquarius) and yes you guys are totally invited. You and Aquarius have very differing energy signatures but at the end of the day you have a lot of similarities especially when it comes to the esoteric. Because Aquarius rules your 12th house which is a very subconscious and psychic house you will really want to focus on your intuition this month. Neptune in your sign has also probably been adding a layer of confusion to your life plans. With Neptune being situated in your sign, many of you have been and still will be continuing to grow a stronger connection with your intuition (*and believing + trusting in it). With the North Node in Gemini squaring your sign, this is not the year for you to be fixated on any particular result, you are being encouraged to allow the Universe to work with you in mysterious ways; don’t worry it won’t lead you astray. Avoid trying to control outcomes because this will just lead to roadblocks. With Mars moving into Taurus this is favourable for you as it will help you to establish more routine and consistency. With so much Neptune energy ruling you in the month of January, invest in areas related to your spirituality. PS Your Intuition is going to be on fire this month.