Spilling the Tea on Oracle and Tarot


Chances are if you’re reading this blog post you already love tarot or oracle cards,  you are perhaps a skeptic, or at the very least interested in knowing more. I totally get it if you fall in the latter categories, I was there once too.


My Personal Experience:

In all honesty, I can understand why some people give these types of cards a bad rep. Ridiculous, or evil are words that come to mind when some people describe these forms of divination. As a disclaimer, this blog post is based on my opinion and my opinion alone. I grew up an Atheist meaning my immediate family didn’t practice any form of religion. It wasn’t until my early/mid-twenties that I started showing an interest in Spirituality on my own accord. I could go into the why’s and how’s but that’s an entirely different story for another time!


I’d be lying if I said I believed everything a tarot reader has said to me in the past. Keep in mind these experiences were varying and some long ago. With knowledge and understanding my stance has since changed over the years.

One of the biggest misconceptions about tarot, or oracle cards is they foretell the future like one of those eerie mannequins you get a fortune from at the fair. Tarot especially does not predict the future, it reflects your current energy and what you may be experiencing subconsciously.


I see using these cards as a tool to self-reflect on different areas of one’s life. If you’re having a hard time letting go of a situation the cards will verify that to you. Its almost like having a friend call you out on your bad behaviour and telling you the likely result if you continue said behaviour. Oracle cards are similarly just as good at calling you out on your shit! (or the stuff you are in denial about).


Now if you’re lucky enough you will meet someone who can also read cards intuitively; meaning they can read more information beyond what the general descriptions the cards have.


Here is the other radical thing most people have a hard time believing. Anyone and their mother can read these cards intuitively. Every person on this planet was born with intuitive abilities. Like going to school, you have to practice working on your intuition which means being open and receptive and connecting to yourself through meditation regularly.


Okay, so now you’re wondering where are on earth do I even begin? Not everyone needs to run out and buy tarot cards! If you’re new to this, I’d suggest buying an oracle deck. I find certain decks stand out to me more than others so pick one you’re drawn to. I should also mention, oracle cards are not there to answer yes, or no questions they are there to provide you guidance (as are tarot cards).

I personally like pulling one or two oracle cards daily for myself as a regular practice to see where I’m at or what I may need to focus on that day. And of course like anything in life its important to not become reliant or obsessive on these cards, they should be fun not turn your life upside down.


Here are some of my personal favourites:

From top left to right: The Good Tarot , Mystic Mondays Tarot, Golden Universal Tarot, Moonchild Tarot, Queen of the Moon Oracle, Messages from The Great Bear Oracle, Rebel Deck Oracle, Moonology Oracle Deck, Starseed Oracle Deck, Sacred Rebels Oracle, The Souls Journey
**Decks featured in images are Moonchild Tarot & Great Bear Oracle Deck (links above).