Where To Shop Unique Affordable Lighting Online


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest you do your absolute best to find a place to live that has as much natural light as possible. But no matter whether you live in a rainy city, or a sunny suburb having good lighting in your space is essential.


Although lighting is one of the last things people think about when designing, lighting is a big player that can affect your mood; and can even how the size of your space looks and feels. But let’s get to the other aspect of it, which is the design of the fixture itself.


Photo from Sarah Sherman Samuel

Nowadays there is a wide range of lighting options to choose from, from chandeliers, table lamps to wall sconces! Lighting can get quite pricy, especially the larger and more detailed the piece; however in saying that there are lots of beautiful affordable options to choose from. Here is a roundup of some of my favourite affordable lighting found online in 2020:

*prices in CAD

Looking for something funky or alternative? this is your shop. Urban Outfitters has a nice selection of home decor, including lighting that is fun and playful! And just for the special connoisseur, they have an adorable little plugin dumpling light.


From top left to right: Giulianna, Mia, Cayla, Tube Chandelier 

West Elm brings to mind the idea of leaving your 20’s and entering your 30’s, you’re ready to invest a bit more money into your furnishings, still looking for something fun but mature at the same time.  West Elm is a great place to shop if you’re looking for clean lines, especially for those Mid-Century lovers out there.


From top left to right: Retro Glass, Sculptural Glass, USB Lamp, Rabbit Lamp

At CB2 you are will find more muted colours with a mixture of modern patterns and sleek designs. I love their selection of pillow covers in multiple tones to choose from.


From top left to right: Black Wicker, Stacked Marble, Alabaster Pendant, Brass Sconce


Photo from Domino Magazine (old light switches are making a comeback too!)

Structube is definitely for you if you are designing on a budget, this is a great alternative to IKEA in my opinion. They offer modern pieces at a more affordable price. Their style is somewhere in between Article & West Elm.


From top left to right: Cassini, Cassiopeia, Joia, Balla

This is a solid place to shop if you’re pretty much looking for any type of furniture, hardware or accessory for your home. They sell a wide selection of affordable home decor.


From top left to right: Everett, Bodie 1, Chalfant 1, Villella

I think a lot of Canadians were rejoicing when Article made its debut; as prior to them there were very limited options in finding funky furniture at an affordable price that would ship to Canada. Although known more so for their sofa’s and chairs, their modern collection is starting to branch out into various home accessories.


From top left to right: Fila, Stilt, Koepel, Suru

Believe it or not, this is an option that not too many people think of when looking for lighting. These four options I picked out are only a few in an array of lighting options both vintage and hand-crafted that you can find if you look on Etsy!


From top left to right: Lanna Passa Shop, Illuminate Vintage, Peared Creation, Queen P Handmade Shop


Happy Spotlighting!